3D gun manufacturing operation dismantled in N.S.

A man faces weapons and smuggling charges after police announced they had raided a residential firearms factory in Mars Grant, New South Wales.

According to a news release, in the spring of 2022, Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) agents at the International Mail Processing Center in Toronto intercepted two suspicious packages addressed to Mars Grant’s residence.

According to CBSA, each package contained five firearm suppressors. The agency has put the item on hold for further investigation.

On July 19, 2022, CBSA agents arrested Mars Grant’s Gordon Victor Julian, 30, on smuggling charges and executed a search warrant at his home.

During the search, CBSA said officers found a 3D firearm with a suppressor, 3D firearm components, a banned handgun, a large amount of cash, and a 3D-printed Glock switch that would allow the semi-automatic firearm to be fully automated. Found 40.

Dominic Mallett, director of intelligence and enforcement for the CBSA Atlantic region, said getting restricted and prohibited firearms and weapons out of Canada is an enforcement priority that CBSA officials take seriously. says.

“Thanks to the great work we have done working with the RCMP, we have successfully dismantled a questionable 3D firearms manufacturing business in Nova Scotia,” said Mallette.

The RCMP National Weapons Enforcement Support Team helped identify the firearms and associated components seized during the search.

The seized items were transferred to the Halifax District RCMP Street Crime Enforcement Service (SCEU) to initiate a firearms trafficking investigation.

Firearms and firearm parts were sent for analysis. RCMP investigators also obtained multiple warrants to search mobile devices.

On February 1, the Halifax District RCMP SCEU arrested Julian on multiple weapons offenses and charged him with the following crimes:

  • 3 cases of arms trafficking
  • Possession for the purpose of trafficking weapons
  • make an automatic rifle
  • Possession of prohibited or restricted firearms, including ammunition
  • Possessing firearms knowing that possession is not permitted
  • 3 counts of possession of a prohibited weapon or device with knowledge that possession is not permitted
  • Three counts for unauthorized possession of a prohibited or restricted weapon
  • careless use of firearms
  • Violation of storage rules
  • Unlicensed Import or Export

On the same day, Julian was indicted by the CBSA for violating the following customs laws:

  • smuggling
  • Storage, Acquisition and Disposal of Illegally Imported Goods

Julian has been conditionally released and is scheduled to appear in Dartmouth District Court on March 7 at 9:30 am.

Public Security Minister Marco El Mendicino said 3D-printed guns, known as “ghost guns,” were an increasing threat to Canadians.

“Our law enforcement agencies are stepping up efforts to address them. We would like to thank the CBSA and RCMP for their efforts to protect our communities,” Mendicino said in a release.

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