4-day week preferable, aids employee retention and well-being, new poll shows

As workplaces continue to fine-tune post-pandemic schedules and working conditions, a four-day work week may be gaining mainstream momentum in Canadian businesses, new research suggests.

According to a survey by recruitment agency Robert Half, 91% of senior executives surveyed said they support a four-day work week for their teams.

“There are huge numbers of people working flexible hours, working flexible schedules, and they say, ‘I actually work a little bit more, but I’m very happy to do it,’” says Talent. Referral firm Robert Half.

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In addition, most managers expect their companies to move to shorter working hours within the next five years.

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Nearly three-quarters of workers surveyed said they would work four days a day for 10 hours in exchange for an extra day off a week.

According to a survey of senior executives conducted by Robert Half, 85% of professionals prefer a hybrid model and 1 in 4 posts say they work remotely.

Hybrid work models are being considered nationwide.

Dave Parsons

Research has found that offering workers the option of a four-day work week can improve employee retention, productivity and happiness.

“The days can be different when it comes to hybrids and remotes. And that has become very important to parents,” French said.

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People often stress maintaining a strong work-life balance.

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Tony Plater, CEO of the Regina Chamber of the Regina Chamber of the Regina Chamber of the Regina Chamber, said: commercial.

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A four-day work week may work for some people and organizations, but it’s not a panacea, says Plater.

But not all companies can expect these changes.

“There are some businesses that work very well, but retail doesn’t. “Longer shifts and shorter weeks would be great.”

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