40 years later, Chilliwack RCMP ID man in probe of missing Jo-Anne Pederson

Four decades after she disappeared from the Fraser Valley, The Mounties are working to solve the disappearance of 10-year-old Joan Pedersen and say they have recently identified the person at the center of the 40-year-old mystery. increase.

Jo-Anne disappeared from a telephone box outside the Chilliwack convenience store on February 19, 1983.

An intensive aerial and ground search by the RCMP, involving a team of dogs and volunteers, found no trace of the missing girl and no signs of foul play.

If Joan were alive today, she would be 50 years old.

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Four decades later, the case remains unsolved, but the RCMP is still conducting an “active investigation” and information from the public is being tracked by investigators.

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“It struck a chord with everyone.

“It’s like a movie world, but it’s real.”

What Daly remembers most is the chilling Crimestopper reenactment of the night Jo-Anne disappeared in 2008.

“When you see this little girl in a phone booth in the rain, it’s like a car is passing by and she’s talking to a guy in a black coat,” Daly told Global News in an interview on Sunday.

“It was just awful.”

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They got into an argument when Joanne was walking home with her sister while her parents were out at night.

Her sister went home and locked the door.

Jo-Anne walked into a Penny Pinchers store near Vedder and Watson Roads in Sardis. So she went inside to talk to the clerk and left the store to use the phone booth outside.

According to police, Joan called an operator from the phone booth to contact her parents, and witnesses saw a man with her inside the phone booth.

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Two days after Joan went missing, the mother remembered her last phone call with her daughter.

“She called, picked me up, and then… [Reporter: And didn’t a man come on the phone at one point?] Yes, man, the same man as her called me and said I had better get here in half an hour or they would call the police – and I was there between 15 and 20 minutes.” The mother said: Interview, February 21, 1983.

But Joan is gone.

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Then, 25 years later, after a Crimestoppers reenactment video was posted on YouTube, Jo-Anne’s mother made an emotional plea to a mysterious man the RCMP had yet to identify.

Angela Riley says in a video released by RCMP on February 19, 2008, “Come forward and I’ll really be free of my grief.”

“Please come forward. As a mother, I hope you will come forward.

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The case was dropped three years later when an anonymous letter dated August 28, 2011 was handed over to the Chilliwack RCMP.

“There are certain details in the letter that only this person would know,” said Tammy Hollingsworth of Cpl. Upper Fraser Valley RCMP in a September 2011 interview.

Hollingsworth said he had the proper information needed to continue the investigation and needed to speak to this person.

At the time, police revealed that a man seen in a phone booth wrote an anonymous letter in 2008 before Pedersen disappeared without a trace, but investigators said he was behind the 2011 letter. I wasn’t sure that I was in

Fast forward to 2023, 40 days agoth The anniversary of Jo-Anne’s disappearance, the Chilliwack RCMP has identified a man in a phone booth.

RCMP said in a news release:

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Daly said he was baffled to learn that after years the RCMP had finally identified the mystery man and publicly stated that he was not even a person of interest.

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“I just wonder what they said to him, why it took so long to find him, and why he didn’t come forward sooner,” Daley said.

“Or they discovered who he was, identified who he was, and he’s dead – we don’t know.”

While there may be more questions than answers right now, the Chilliwack RCMP says its investigation into Joanne’s disappearance has never stopped and it hasn’t lost hope of finding out what happened to her. increase.

“Police went to the wall to solve this problem 25 years ago, and they seem ready to go to the wall again,” Daly says.

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