Alabama basketball star brought gun to shooter, police say

Tuscaloosa, Alabama –

University of Alabama basketball star Brandon Miller brought a teammate the gun he used in a shooting near his campus in January, investigators said Tuesday.

Freshman standout Miller brought Darius Miles’ gun to him on the night of the shooting after Miles texted him asking him to do so, according to the news outlet.

Allegations that Miller was involved in the night of the Jan. 15 shooting were made during the preliminary hearings of Miles and Michael Davis, who face death row charges in the death of 23-year-old Jamea Harris. .

Miles, a former Alabama player, was accused of providing Davis with a gun, which Davis shot and killed Harris, prosecutors say.

Alabama coach Nate Oates told reporters on Tuesday that the team was aware Miller allegedly brought a gun to Miles, but the team’s leading scorer had “no problem of any kind.” No. He has started every game since shooting.

Oates said Miller was just “in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“We know the situation,” Oates said. “We have been fully cooperating with law enforcement all along, so the whole situation is just sad. The team concluded practice with prayers for today’s situation knowing there was this trial today. Think of Jamea and her, family,” Oates said.

Miller has not faced criminal charges. Team representatives didn’t immediately know if Miller had a lawyer.

“We knew about it,” Oates said. “You can’t control everything that anyone does outside of practice. No one expected that to happen. College students are out. Brandon hasn’t had any trouble and Again he didn’t cause any trouble. Wrong place at wrong time.”

At 6-foot-9, Miller is the No. 2 Tide team’s biggest star last week, ranking No. 1 in the AP polls for the first time in 20 years. He is expected to be selected in the NBA draft lottery.

The shooting occurred on the Strip, a business district lined with student bars and restaurants near the Tuscaloosa campus. Police said Harris was in the passenger seat of the car when he was hit by a bullet.

Investigators said in court documents that Miles, who was the team’s junior reserve forward, admitted to providing the gun used in the fatal shooting, but that Davis fired the weapon.

Culpeper said Tuesday that Miles told Davis where his gun was in Miller’s car.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys gave different accounts of the shooting. Chief Deputy District Attorney Paula Whitley told the judge there was enough evidence to proceed with the case against Miles and Davis.

Defense attorneys suggested at Tuesday’s hearing that Miles was reacting defensively when he told Davis where the gun was.

“The reason the gun was provided to Michael Davis was for protection,” Mary Turner claimed.

Defense attorneys have asked for Davis and Miles to be released on bail. District Court Judge Joanne Jannik did not immediately issue a ruling on the bond claim.

Davis and Miles wiped away tears when their mother took the witness stand and testified that if the bond was recognized, she would make sure her sons would follow the rules.

After the court, Harris’ mother told reporters she was frustrated with her concentration on basketball when the shooting claimed her daughter’s life.

“She has a five-year-old son and is still waiting for his mother to come home,” Decara Hurd told reporters. “I want justice for my grandson.”

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