Alberta domestic violence survivor devastated after attempted murder charge downgraded

WARNING: The pictures in this article may be offensive to some readers.

A domestic violence survivor is speaking out after an attempted murder charge was dropped and her ex-boyfriend was instead charged with aggravated assault.

Over two years ago, Michelle Pullin was stabbed at least 15 times by her ex-boyfriend at her home in Wainwright.

Ms Pullin said she was lucky to be alive and struggled to overcome the emotional trauma after suffering years of mental and physical abuse.

“He came there to kill me, and I was lucky enough to survive,” Pauline said.

Jodie Nylander was arrested and charged with attempted murder. Those charges were later dropped and Nylander pleaded guilty to aggravated assault. He will appear at St Paul’s Court of Kings Bench to deliver his sentence on February 27.

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A rate cut would be devastating for Pauline.

“He was waiting for me to open the door at 5:30 in the morning and stabbed me at least 15 times. .

“I wasn’t betrayed by the judicial system, it was the legal system that did it. I think we’ll find out in sentencing to see what judges do.”

Jodie Nylander pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and will be sentenced on February 27.


After Nylander is released from prison, Pauline worries about her family’s safety. He could be released the day after the sentencing hearing.

Global News reached out to Crown Prosecutor Jordan Kerr. He generally said there are many factors that prosecutors must consider when considering whether to accept a plea for renters or another crime rather than proceeding to trial for more serious crimes. said. .

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One of the key considerations is whether you have a reasonable chance of being convicted of a more serious crime based on all the evidence available.

If there is no reasonable likelihood of conviction for the more serious violation, but a reasonable likelihood of conviction for the lessor or another violation, the matter may be settled by petition for the lessor or other violation. may be

It’s a little comforting for Pauline.

“I feel cheated and that no one can listen to what he did to me.”

“It’s not fair that some lawyers can say, ‘That didn’t happen. He just came to talk and it got out of hand.’

“This wasn’t a bar fight where someone walked in and someone died. That guy drove six hours to kill me.”

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His 16-year-old daughter, Jaci Poulin, was home at the time of the attack and called 911. She received an award from St. John’s Hospital, Jerusalem Convent, Canada for helping save her mother’s life. Her efforts to save her mother. Jasi has also suffered a downgrade in her fees.

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“Did she have to die for him to get the years he really deserved? You don’t have to die to take things seriously,” Jaci said.

“People keep dying when domestic violence is treated this way.”

Nylander has been in custody since the attack, but Pullin said he still lives in fear.

“Now he’s in prison and it’s my brain whenever I go out. People don’t know what it’s like to live in such fear and hear every little noise.” “No,” said Poulin.

“It’s terrible. I can’t sleep. I haven’t slept in two years. It’s always in my head.”

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Pauline says she was unable to choose a lawyer, and is frustrated that Nylander was able to choose and change a lawyer.

“I have to go with the prosecutor. He’s supposed to act on my behalf, in my best interests, but he didn’t do that at all.

“(What happened) everyone needs to know. If the justice system lets me down, everyone needs to know.”

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Pauline recounts the events of the day

On November 24, 2020, Pauline said it was a normal morning for her. When she was letting her dog out, Pauline said her ex-boyfriend Jodie Nylander was waiting outside her deck. She tried to close the door, but he broke in.

Nylander was living up north at the time, Pauline said, and it was a six-hour drive to Wainwright, about 200 kilometers east of Edmonton.

“He broke in and I backed off…I just stood there because I didn’t want him to attack my daughter,” Pauline said.

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Pauline yelled for her daughter to call 911.

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“He said, ‘Oh, are you going to call the police?’ as he was opening the knife,” Pauline said.

“That feeling, my heart sank.”

“I didn’t think I would get out of there, but he just walked up to me. Stabbed me first, stabbed me twice in the side…and I think I fell to the ground.

Pauline was stabbed in the chest, shoulder, arm, head and face. She raised her hand to defend herself, but her attack did not stop and her hand was badly damaged.

“Then he suddenly stopped and said, ‘I love you.'”

Pauline said Nylander yelled at her daughter Jaycee to call an ambulance, then Nylander said he was going to jail.

“I don’t know if it was adrenaline or what, but I got up and locked the door,” she said.

By sharing her experience, Poulin hopes to change the way domestic violence cases are handled.

Pauline and her family are scheduled to read a victim impact statement in court on February 27.

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“I want someone to know it was an attempted murder. He was there to kill me that night.”


Michel Poulin was injured after being stabbed at least 15 times.


Michel Poulin was injured after being stabbed at least 15 times.


Michel Poulin was injured after being stabbed at least 15 times.


Michel Poulin was injured after being stabbed at least 15 times.

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