Albertans inundated with emergency alert tests

A scheduled test of the emergency alert system appears to have been repeated Wednesday afternoon.

At 1:55 p.m., the alarm that was supposed to ring once on the radio, television and mobile phones At least 9 alerts.

The March 1 test was scheduled to coincide with the start of the state’s wildfire season, according to a statement by Public Safety and Emergency Services Minister Mike Ellis on Monday.

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Alberta emergency warning test to be conducted this week to mark start of wildfire season

“Testing helps us fix system issues and ensure alerts work when needed,” Ellis said in a statement. “The test also provides a rare opportunity to consider the readiness of Albertans to respond to unexpected events like wildfires.”

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On Wednesday afternoon after the notification was completed, Ellis press secretary Dylan Topal said: murmured “It’s safer than unfortunate people,” in response to a mention by the prime minister’s spokesman.

Other users on social media had mixed opinions about what happened.

“Someone got so angry that they pretended to quit their government job, but not before sending 47 emergency alerts.” Posted by Twitter user KadyDane on social media sites.

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“Automating emergency alerts was not a great decision,” wrote Bob Sumner.

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“I’m sure someone is having sex with the emergency alarm button.” User SkipIsChris tweeted.

“Is there an emergency in your emergency alert system?” Lecturer, University of Calgary Written by Paul Fairey.

“Irritated after Alberta’s emergency alert personnel froze their computers,[送信]I pressed 10 times and now everyone thinks it’s working?” tweeted Country 105 host Josie Balka.

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“How many times should I actually test an emergency alert? Ask for Alberta” User Alli Girl tweeted.

Global News has sought information from state governments as to why multiple emergency tests have been sent. This story will be updated with their responses.

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