Alien rumour spread to stop Michigan math test

Hemlock, Michigan –

Reports of an alien invasion of Hemlock Public Schools spread on social media, and some witnesses said extraterrestrials landed on a playground in flying saucers from the sky.

But before going to pick up the tin foil hat, the Michigan school district said the news circulating on social media was a hoax.

The superintendent’s office said the rumor was started by a naughty student who wanted to escape a math exam.

Officials said they were confident parents had nothing to worry about and that the safety and well-being of students was their top priority.

Superintendent Don Killingbeck said, “We have thoroughly investigated the situation and there is no evidence of alien activity on school grounds.” “While we take all rumors seriously, we urge the community to be cautious when spreading unverified information.”

Students responsible for spreading rumors were disciplined. The district has taken steps to educate students on the importance of verifying information before sharing it.

The school district added that while the idea of ​​an alien invasion seems like an outlandish scenario, it’s important to remember that misinformation can affect the real world.

Alien rumors aren’t the only misinformation spreading throughout the district. People are sharing that there was a fire at the school, according to the school district, and there’s another rumor that a heated track will be added to Wallace Field. The district said it was considering resurfacing the track, although it was not part of the bond project.

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