Andrew Lloyd Webber’s son Nicholas dies at 43

new york –

Nicholas Lloyd Webber, the eldest son of Grammy-nominated composer and record producer Andrew Lloyd Webber, died Saturday in England after a long battle with stomach cancer and pneumonia. he was 43 years old.

Lloyd Webber, 75, said in a statement emailed by his representative, “His entire family is together and we are all completely heartbroken.” Thank you for all your thoughts.”

Nicholas died in hospital in Basingstoke, a town in south-central England, his father said. Famed composer Lloyd Webber missed Thursday’s opening of ‘Bad His Cinderella’ on Broadway and stayed by his son’s side with other loved ones.

Nicholas is best known for his work on BBC One’s Love, Lies and Records, based on the book The Little Prince. He also worked on his father’s 2021 “Cinderella,” which was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best of His Musical Theater His Album.

Nicholas is the son of Lloyd Webber and his first wife Sarah Haggill. Hugill and Lloyd Webber also have an older daughter, his Imogen. Lloyd Webber, Sr., has his three other children in addition to Nicholas and Imogen.

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