Awso Peshdary pleads guilty to terrorism-related charges

OTTAWA — A man accused of being a recruiter for the Islamic State military group has renounced his former extremism and pleaded guilty to terrorist crimes in an Ottawa court.

Awso Peshdary’s criminal trial in Ontario Superior Court resumed today after his defense filed a motion ready to change his plea to guilty, with the defense proceeding directly to sentencing. filed a joint application with the Crown of

Peshdary was arrested in February 2015 on terrorism-related charges. It is based on allegations that it recruited and funded domestically grown terrorists and then helped them cross to Syria to join the Islamic State of Iraq and extremist groups in the Levant.

His case stalled until a protracted federal court decision while his attorneys, the RCMP, and the Canadian Security Intelligence Agency debated the evidence that could be used in the case.

But Peshdary, who was 25 at the time of his arrest, has now dropped the case and his lawyers have agreed with prosecutors to seek 14 years in prison.

If the sentencing agreement is accepted by the court, Peshdary will serve 21 months in prison after adding up the time he has already served.

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