B.C. man whose emaciated dogs were seized loses appeal to have 4 returned

The Home Office man who had several starving dogs seized by the BC SPCA earlier this year will never get them back.

Earlier this month, the BC Farm Industry Review Board (BCFIRB) announced its decision to vacate Kurtis Elliot’s appeal following a public hearing on a conference call on February 23.

Two dogs were handed over by Elliott on January 9, and six dogs and seven puppies were seized the next day, according to the SPCA. Elliot said he filed an appeal on January 25 and that he wanted the four adult dogs back.

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But an industry review panel said no to Elliott, adding that it also found Elliott responsible for the costs charged by the BC SPCA in caring for the seized dog. .

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One of the seized adult dogs, Blue, was reportedly euthanized two weeks after being handed over to Elliott.

Shortly after seizing the dogs, the SPCA issued a press release saying, “The condition of these animals was appalling. Many were extremely debilitated. It’s one of the worst cases I’ve seen in 42 years.”

The 33-page decision states that during the pandemic, Elliot was breeding dogs for “a lot of money” but “admits he is overwhelmed by the number of dogs and puppies in his care. None of the dogs had been socialized or trained to walk on a leash.

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The decision was, “The dogs were all very underweight and had protruding ribs and hips. Two females in particular were very emaciated and had protruding spines, necks, ribs and hips.”

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It is also said that the kennel was covered with ice and that urine and feces had accumulated. The dogs had no proper shelter, no food, no water. The water in the bucket was frozen.

According to the decision, SPCA agents who entered Elliott’s trailer saw a bitch in the crate.

“[Investigators]observed through the crate that Blue was very debilitated, with bones clearly visible including the spine, neck, hips, ribs and shoulder blades,” the report said.

“She also noticed a pressure ulcer on Blue’s buttocks that was missing skin and flesh. Blue was very lethargic and weak and had no food or water.”

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Elliot was informed that investigators had never seen a lean dog that was still alive and that Blue needed immediate veterinary attention. , said he didn’t take Blue to the vet.

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Blue and the other dog were handed over and taken to the veterinarian. The decision stated, “Both dogs were constantly looking for food and at some point, Blue started trying to eat the mop and dirt/debris on the ground.”

The decision detailed many hard facts, including one veterinarian who said the most emaciated dog he had seen in his 22 years of veterinary work was a blue. It was He also mentioned that weakness is confirmed when bone marrow fat is below 20%, Blues only had 5.35%.

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The veterinarian said, “Knowing that any animal would go back to that situation would keep me awake at night,” adding, “I will never forget it.” .

In making its decision, the BC Farm Industry Review Board said: Starving a defenseless animal to death is frankly unbelievable.”

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The Industry Review Board also stated that “second chances will be given to those who demonstrate the necessary insight and genuine remorse to avoid repeating past mistakes. Appellants have admitted their mistakes. He insists, but the evidence and his conduct during the hearing show that he did not.”

the report is available online.

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