B.C. news: Trespassing raccoon shuts down elementary school

Kelowna, British Columbia –

Some students at South Kelowna Elementary School in British Columbia suddenly took a break after being comforted by a raccoon invading their building’s ceiling.

Families were asked to keep their children home on Monday because they were concerned that staff had spotted the animal and could pose a danger if cornered, according to a statement from Central Okanagan Public Schools.

Students who couldn’t take a break went to a local junior high school by bus.

Conservation officials tried to let the raccoon go, but the raccoon climbed into the space above the ceiling tiles, according to a statement.

The operations staff were finally able to gently guide the raccoon out of the space and out the back door just before lunch.

Schools are expected to return to normal on Tuesday after staff ensure the school is safe and clean, the district said.

This report by the Canadian Press was first published on February 27, 2023.

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