Belarus is calling for a Ukraine ceasefire. Russia says that won’t aid goals – National

Russia said on Friday that a ceasefire in Ukraine would not allow it to achieve the goals of its “special military operations” at the moment.

The Kremlin said after Russia’s closest ally, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, called for an immediate ceasefire without preconditions and for both Moscow and Kiev to begin negotiations for a lasting peace settlement. was reacting.

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Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Russia was watching Lukashenko’s comments and that President Vladimir Putin would discuss it with him next week. However, he said Russia’s goals in Ukraine cannot be achieved by halting fighting at this time.

“As for Ukraine, nothing has changed. Special military operations continue, because today it is the only means to achieve our goals,” Peskov said.

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He said that some of China’s proposed plans for peace in Ukraine “are unwilling or even impossible at the moment, because the Ukrainian side does not want to disobey their supervisors and commanders.” It’s impossible,” he said.

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This was a reference to Moscow’s claim – unsupported by evidence – that Western supporters in Ukraine had ordered Kiev not to pursue a ceasefire.

“As we know, these commanders are not sitting in Kiev and claim the war will continue,” Peskov said.

Russia says it is open to peace, but has clarified that this is on Russian terms. He states that we must accept the “new reality” of the field, which he claims to be.

Ukraine said Russia must withdraw its troops as a precursor to a peace deal, and said the temporary ceasefire would only allow Russia to regroup for future military operations.

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Moscow says the United States and its allies aim to use Ukraine as part of a “hybrid war” to inflict strategic defeat on Russia. Ukraine and the West say Russia’s allegations are baseless pretexts to justify aggression.

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