Biden visits Ottawa: President, Trudeau share Moo Shu ice cream

US President Joe Biden got to taste ice cream from his beloved Ottawa store during his visit to the capital.

Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau BushuA low-volume ice cream maker on Bank Street after the president arrived in Ottawa Thursday night.

Officially called “Friend-chip Goals,” the flavor is what Moo Shu founder Liz Mok told CTV News in an email.

The ice cream was toasted marshmallow and maple sugar ice cream, “turned in chocolate, like stracciatella, for a chocolate chip effect,” she said.

Biden and Trudeau shared ice cream when President and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden visited the Trudeau family at Rideau Cottage after landing in Ottawa Thursday night.

President Biden’s love of ice cream can be traced back to his time as Vice President.

Moo Shu has a devoted following and is known for its creative, unique flavors and numerous vegan options.

The store raised prices last year to pay its employees a living wage.

Biden and Trudeau have all the agendas on Friday, including a presidential address to Congress and a gala dinner at the Canadian Air and Space Museum.

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