Blue Jays’ Anthony Bass slams United over incident with wife

A Toronto Blue Jays pitcher called United Airlines after he said the airline had his pregnant wife clean up “hands and knees” dirt made by his two-year-old daughter during the flight.

Anthony Bass took to Twitter on Sunday to say that a United Airlines flight attendant and his wife, who is 22 weeks pregnant, had an interaction while traveling with their two daughters, ages 5 and 2.

“A flight attendant let my wife, who is 22 weeks pregnant, travel with children ages 5 and 2 and got down on all fours to pick up my youngest son’s popcorn mess,” Bass wrote.

“are you kidding me?!?!”

The pitcher also added that United Airlines provided popcorn for his wife and children.

In response to Bass’ complaint, United tweeted on Sunday that it understands his concerns and will look into the complaint.

“If you have time, please [direct message] Please provide your wife’s confirmation number and any additional details regarding your interaction with this flight attendant,” the airline wrote.

CTV News Toronto got in touch united airlines and Bass asked for further statements about the incident, but received no response from the publication.

Bass tweeted on Monday that United Airlines is addressing the issue “internally.”

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