Blue Jays unveil revamped Rogers Centre

Toronto Blue Jays fans got their final look at the newly renovated Rogers Center ahead of the team’s home opener next week.

The Jays formally unveiled the first phase of the stadium’s $300 million renovation this morning, giving fans a preview of the revamped ballpark that includes four new outfield districts.

“We are incredibly excited.

“This is the changed experience our fans will have on April 11th and the first step in transforming Rogers Center from a stadium to a ballpark.”

A major focus of the Phase 1 renovation was the creation of a new outfield area. His two of them are the Corona Rooftop Patio and Park Social at the top of the stadium on the 500th floor.

For the first time since the opening of the Rogers Center in 1989, every 500 seats have been replaced.

Two other outfield districts – Stop and Catch Bar – are located on the 100th floor and offer new park views as well as improved food and drink options for fans.

“The outfield will have different geographies and different social spaces for existing and new fans to experience and get into the game in a different way,” said Karunaratne.

“From Toronto’s rooftop at Corona, the coolest rooftop patio, to The Catch, right above a visitor’s bullpen, bringing fans closer to the action and players, it’s a transformative viewing experience for fans.” in Toronto.”

The second phase of the renovation, which is expected to begin soon after this baseball season, is aimed at improving Rogers Center’s lower floors and behind-the-scenes facilities, including a major overhaul of the team’s clubhouse.

Blue Jays president and CEO Mark Shapiro told media gathered at the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Rogers Center that the work to refurbish the lower bowl would be a daunting task, but the completion of Phase 1 was a major milestone for the organization. It’s an exciting moment for all.

“Just five days from now, fans will be streaming through the gates and aisles. I will,” said Shapiro.

“All the research we did was asking fans what creates a compelling experience and how they would like to experience their viewing experience. [a game]And they’ll be able to do that when we open up the outfield district on April 11 and play the first game of the 2023 season.”

According to Shapiro, the organization wants to provide a positive experience for all types of fans, including die-hard fans who want to get as close to the action as possible.

“We’re going to bring the fans closer to the players, and maybe closer to the players they’re visiting than they’d like, but that’s fine. And they connect with each other and with the fans in ways they’ve never done before. “Before,” he said.

Karnalatne says this year’s Blue Jays fans will notice the difference as soon as they step inside the stadium.

“I think as soon as anyone comes in, regardless of whether they’re coming in the outfield or sitting behind home plate, there’s an immediate impact that I think people will see,” he said.

“The outfield walls are different and the outfield looks completely different. I hope it resonates.”

And for fans looking for a cheaper way to see the newly renovated stadium, the Jays announced last month that they’re offering $20 outfield district tickets this season.

The Blue Jays will host the Detroit Tigers next Tuesday night for their first game at the reimagined ballpark.

All photos courtesy of the Toronto Blue Jays

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