Brink’s coordinated shipment stolen in Toronto gold heist

A private security and protection firm was coordinating shipments of $20 million worth of gold and valuable goods when they were stolen. Toronto Pearson International Airport.

company on the brink, Legal entity in charge of transportation They are “coordinating shipments” for April 17, of the valuables confirmed to CTV News on Monday.

“We remain committed to the law enforcement investigation,” Dana Callahan, vice president of corporate communications at Brink’s Company, told CTV News Toronto in a statement Monday afternoon.

“Brink’s will reimburse the customer in accordance with the terms of the contract if the property is lost during the transfer.”

While Brink’s is coordinating shipments, sources told CTV News Toronto last week that Air Canada had the goods in their possession when it was stolen. The goods arrived earlier in the day on an Air Canada flight, sources said.

peel local police An aircraft carrying $20 million worth of valuables arrived at Toronto Pearson Airport in the evening and, following normal procedures, the cargo was offloaded and taken to a storage facility.

Inspector Stephen Divestein said the cargo was removed by “illegal means”.

A large-scale robbery would have prompted a great deal of effort from Peel District Police investigators trying to catch the perpetrators, said retired Mountie Bruce Pitt, who was in the unit’s Serious Crimes Unit. Payne said.

“They’re going to shake trees everywhere with tentacles to see what’s going to fall and if it’s an inside job,” Pittpain told CTV News Toronto.

“Whoever committed this crime learned the information from people in the know,” he said.

Meanwhile, gold retailers and recyclers are looking for millions of gold that thieves might try to sell.

“If a $20 million hit hits your front door, it’s a serious red flag.” KMG Gold Recycle.

Russell Oliver oliver jewelrysaid he would not accept the money—and would call the authorities.

However, as gold is an element, it melts easily, making it difficult to pinpoint the origin of a particular piece, he said.

“If they change shape, it’s absolutely impossible to track,” he said. “Now they could have done anything with it.”

But the huge challenge of selling that amount of gold in small chunks means that the circle of people involved in this daring theft is expanding and can provide the source of information the police need.

“This will be solved with incoming information. That’s how all big crimes are solved,” Pittpain said.

with a file from CTV News reporter Heather Butts.

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