Canada must support Sudan beyond crisis, MPs say in emergency House of Commons debate – National

Canada’s foreign minister said Canada has worked “proactively” to respond to the ongoing crisis in Sudan, calling for aid to Canadians trapped inside the country or direct international calls for a ceasefire. I have participated in

Melanie Jolie spoke about the government’s efforts at a House emergency debate on Tuesday night. Violent confrontations between the warring military factions that overturned the move to civilian government continued into its second week.

Disruptions in the transition to democracy were frequently highlighted during the debate.

“We will not tolerate bad guys. Canada will support Sudanese citizens who are committed to a democratic future,” she said.

“This crisis is grave, and we want Canadians to know that we are working on it.

Jolie added that he was “extremely concerned” that the conflict could lead to regional instability and trigger a greater humanitarian crisis, making it critical for Canada and its allies to respond.

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Click to play video: 'Canada is working with other countries to evacuate citizens from Sudan, Jolie says'

Canada is working with other countries to evacuate citizens from Sudan, Jolie says

Jolie said more than 100 Canadians had fled Sudan out of 573 people who had requested assistance. She said her more than 1,700 Canadians in Sudan are registered with the government and are in contact with all of them.

The minister said her ministry is working with the Canadian Armed Forces, Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada and the Canadian Border Services Agency to assist Canadians in Sudan as well as Sudanese nationals in Canada unable to return home. I was.

“This is a truly all-encompassing effort and I encourage all members of the House of Representatives to recognize that important work is being done,” she said.

Conservative MP Garnett Genui, who introduced the motion to debate, urged the government not only to respond to the immediate crisis, but to address the long-term needs of the Sudanese people as they recover and fight for a democratic future. asked to support

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He said authoritarians like Russia are trying to capitalize on Sudan’s crisis, pointing to the continued presence of the Russian-backed Wagner Group in the country.

A private mercenary company linked to Russian President Vladimir Putin Dispatched to Sudan in 2017 It furthered Moscow’s interests, particularly gold mining and the establishment of military strongholds in the Red Sea, and supported the dictatorship of then-President Omar al-Bashir.

“The big advantage we have as a liberal democracy is that we can always be on the side of the people if we are ready to take advantage of it. says Mr.

Click to play video: '58 Canadians flown out of Sudan, more stranded'

58 Canadians flown in from Sudan, more remain stranded

Jolie was pressed to ensure that Sudanese people fleeing to Canada can reach the country on an expedited timeline, as well as to Canadian foreign aid efforts. totaled $68 million over the years, the government said, which is being provided through local organizations.

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Canada has announced a range of immigration assistance for Sudanese citizens in Canada, including waivers of extension fees for work visas and student visas. Canadian border authorities will also not return Sudanese nationals until the situation changes.

Genuis later asked whether the government was considering imposing sanctions on those responsible for the violence. It simply reiterated the minister’s pledge to pursue all means possible to help.

“Of course, I couldn’t speak for the ministers, but I think they are looking at all possible avenues,” said Turnbull, who has no role in the cabinet.

After the Taliban occupied Afghanistan in 2021, multiple lawmakers raised a confused evacuation of Canadian diplomats and Afghan allies, warning Canada not to repeat the same mistake. He acknowledged that the “lead time” to prepare for the crisis in Kabul came much more abruptly than the collapse of Kabul.

The controversy comes as the federal government seeks to evacuate Canadians from the beleaguered country in East Africa.

So far, airlifts to get Canadians out of the country have been carried out by Germany, France, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, and Jolie thanked them Tuesday for “helping evacuate” Canadians.

Canadian embassy officials were able to participate in evacuation operations for US forces over the weekend, Global Affairs Canada confirmed Monday. These workers continue to provide diplomatic support from safe third countries, the government said.

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Sudan conflict: Canadian, US and Chinese officials evacuated, more rescues planned

No Canadian military operation has ever conducted an evacuation. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed on Tuesday that two warships had arrived off the coast of Sudan, but the situation made it “very difficult” for Canadian forces to reach and rescue people in the country. I pointed out that it is.

“There are very limited places where you can fly,” he told reporters in Ottawa.

A Pentagon spokesperson said the frigate HMCS Montreal and the supply vessel MV Asterix have been redeployed to the Red Sea to support efforts in Sudan, adding that the area is part of its voyage plans.

The federal government is also providing information to those trying to leave the country on their own, Jolie said, and several other countries in the region, including Kenya, Ethiopia and Egypt, have been informed of the safe passage of Canadians. already negotiated with the state.

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Jolie said the situation was “still fragile” but that a three-day ceasefire announced Monday night was helping evacuation efforts.

“We are working to ensure civilian evacuation, but we are not wasting time. And as we speak, we are making sure this is happening.” she told reporters early Tuesday.

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Fed ‘closely’ after conflict in Sudan following withdrawal of consular staff

Fighting continued, however, despite promises by the general leading the Sudanese army and a rival rapid-relief force on Tuesday to honor the truce.

Explosions, gunfire and the roar of fighter jets were heard around the capital on Tuesday.

At least 459 people have been killed and 4,070 injured, including civilians, since the fighting began, the World Health Organization (UN WHO) said, citing a statement by Sudan’s health ministry. Stated.

Trudeau said he had spoken to the African Union president and offered Canada’s help.

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Defense Minister Anita Anand said Canada was trying to help those seeking assistance, but said the situation was “very precarious and very violent”.

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