Canada taps into Israeli expertise to improve earthquake warning system

Canada is asking Israel to help improve its emergency response infrastructure.

Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson said Tuesday that the federal government is funding Tel Aviv University to improve Canada’s earthquake early warning system.

“We are delighted to bring Tel Aviv University’s world-class expertise to Canada, giving them access to the earliest and most accurate earthquake and tsunami warnings,” Wilkinson said in an NRCan statement. Details of the funding amount were not disclosed. .

Israeli tech company SeismicAI collaborated with Tel Aviv University to develop the EEW system that is in use around the world.

Canada began the first installation of the hundreds of sensors that make up the country’s EEW system in March, with the goal of being fully online by 2024.

“Of all the earthquake mitigation measures that could be considered in Canada, array-based emergency earthquake warnings are the most practical and most cost-effective,” said Professor Alon Ziv of Tel Aviv University in a statement Tuesday. is,” he said.

SeismicAI’s CEO echoed a similar sentiment, adding that they are excited to work with the university and NRCan on this effort.

“By using this innovative warning technology, people in areas covered by Canada’s EEW system will have access to the earliest and most accurate earthquake and tsunami warnings,” Benny Sasson said in a statement. ‘ said.

The increased funding from Canada is intended to help develop software that addresses the limitations faced by the country’s coastal and border regions, where the government says deployment of a traditional EEW sensor station grid may be difficult. purpose.

According to federal data, about 5,000 earthquakes occur across Canada each year, with the most occurring along the Pacific coast of British Columbia and the Yukon Territory.

CTV News has reached out to Mr. Wilkinson’s office requesting more information regarding the funding, and will update this article when we receive a response.

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