Canada weather going from extreme cold to heat this weekend

Published by Environmental Canada Extreme cold warnings have been issued for most parts of Canada. But forecasters don’t expect the cold snap to last.

Thursday’s cold weather warning affects northern BC, all of Alberta, Saskatchewan, the southern half of Manitoba, northern Ontario and Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, and parts of the territory. .

Extreme cold warnings include wind chill values ​​from -40 degrees Celsius in Alberta to -55 degrees Celsius in Nunavut.

CTV Your Morning Chief Meteorologist Kelsey McEwen said, “This cold Arctic air blankets much of Canada, so when the clouds clear (cloud access or insulating factors in the lower atmosphere), temperatures drop. It’s going down.” on Thursday.

Temperatures are expected to rise from Vancouver over the weekend, hitting just below zero on Thursday and reaching 2 degrees Celsius on Saturday, McEwen said.

Prairie temperatures will drop into negative single digits by Saturday afternoon, and temperatures in Manitoba will slow further, soaring to minus 10 degrees Celsius by Sunday, McEwen said.

“In northern Ontario, as well as parts of Quebec, we’re seeing this trend picking up, but things are starting to change in the south,” McEwen said.

Added cloud coverage and moisture in the air from the Colorado Low in southern Ontario and Quebec will bring a freezing drizzle to the state on Thursday. As the storm system traverses the East Coast, the cold ‘gets in’.

As for southern Ontario and Quebec, McEwen said, “Regarding temperatures, it’s going to get a lot cooler over the next few days as we head into Friday and Saturday.” But we’ll see improvement by Sunday, which will be short-lived as Toronto returns to freezing temperatures again.”

Cool air will continue this weekend as a low pressure system in Colorado moves into the Atlantic states.

“So there are two stories that half the country is improving, but half the country is still very cold, as this arctic arctic air continues to dominate,” McEwen said.

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