Canada weather: Ontario storm, B.C. cleanup, extreme cold warnings

Another low weather system in Colorado surges toward Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada today.

The storm is expected to hit southern Ontario by late afternoon, bringing freezing rain and snow to the area on Tuesday as it moves eastward toward Quebec and the Maritimes.

Environment Canada raises forecast From the weekend’s Special Weather Statement to Monday’s Winter Travel Advisory to reflect the hazardous winter travel conditions expected in Ontario.

region containing Windsor, Simcoe, Sarnia, Elgin, Caledonia, Ontario. A heavy rain warning is in effect on Monday. According to Environment CanadaResidents should expect 2 to 5 mm of ice accretion followed by strong easterly winds of about 70 kilometers per hour.

“Precipitation is forecast to start as snow and ice pellets later this afternoon before turning to freezing rain in the late afternoon,” the Japan Meteorological Agency website said. “By late at night, temperatures are forecast to be above freezing, and there will be no danger of freezing rain.”

Cities including Hamilton, Toronto, the Peel Region and Peterborough have received weather advisory statements from Environment Canada as of Monday morning.

Temperatures change in the evening, says Environment Canada Snowfall peaks at 2-4 cm per hourthe expected total is about 5-10 centimeters.

Snow warnings have been issued for parts of southern Quebec in anticipation of low pressure in Colorado.

Residents of Metro Montreal, Laurentians, Quebec City and Charlevoix expect 15 to 20 cm of total snowfall by Tuesday.

Maritimes has not received a warning from Environment Canada as of Monday, but CTV’s Your Morning meteorologist Kelsey McEwen says the storm is headed in that direction.

Parts of Newfoundland and Labrador receive extreme cold weather warnings on Monday Temperatures expected to drop to minus 46 degrees CelsiusSome of Nunavut hopes The temperature is around minus 50 degrees.

BC got more snow

The Colorado depression sweeping across Ontario comes just as British Columbia is digging in another winter gust. Between 11 and 30 centimeters of snow fell in the lower mainland on Sunday.

Heavy snow knocked over branches and cut power to about 80,000 guests on Sunday morning. Power was restored to approximately 90% of customers by early afternoon yesterday.

places like East Vancouver Island, Greater Victoria, South Gulf Islands of Vancouver Island We are still under Monday’s snowfall warning from Environment Canada.

More snow will fall on parts of Vancouver Island Monday through Tuesday morning, with 10 to 15 cm of snow accumulated.

“A region of low pressure over the Pacific Ocean will produce heavy snow belts on southern Vancouver Island.” The Environment Canada website says:

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