Canada’s Easter weekend forecast calls for both sun and rain

This is the story of three Canadian springs. Easter long weekend, Rain, dry heat, or cool and cloudy weather are forecast for different parts of the country.

The season is in full swing in the Prairie region, but commuters and weekend warriors in British Columbia may want to rethink their plans as nasty weather unfolds. is as follows:

british columbia

A series of low-pressure troughs will bring more rain to parts of the West Coast this weekend, and snow at higher elevations.

Showers and high altitude snow are expected in parts of the interior through Friday night, but should clear up by Saturday. Some areas of the south coast and west of Vancouver Island had more scenery. 200mm of rain From Friday to next Tuesday, according to The Weather Network.

Temperatures across the state will be below seasonal temperatures over the weekend, with temperatures around the 10s along the coast and low 10s in the interior.

prairie and north

Alberta and Saskatchewan are likely to be the envy of the rest of Canada, with temperatures in the mid-teens and up to 20s in parts of the southern prairie.

A high-pressure ridge heralding these warmer temperatures will keep precipitation out of the region over the weekend. Overall, Alberta and Saskatchewan are expected to see some clouds late Friday through Saturday, followed by dry, warm and sunny days over the next few days.

Meanwhile, Manitoba will see temperatures in the low single digits statewide on Saturday and Sunday.

Areas further north like Yellowknife are expected to hit single-digit temperatures this weekend.

Central and Eastern Canada

Weather conditions in central and eastern Canada this weekend will be somewhere between British Columbia and the Prairie.

High-pressure ridges keep rains away in Ontario and Quebec, as in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

From Windsor in the south to Thunder Bay in the north, Ontario Temperatures in the high single digits to mid-teens are expected over the weekend, rising to the high teens to low twenties next week. Ontario skies are expected to clear and clear this weekend, with more clouds next week, according to Environment Canada.

Environment Canada Says Southern Quebec Temperatures are in the high single digits to low teens, with sunshine and clear skies. Temperatures will rise to around 20 degrees by Thursday. Parts of eastern and northern Quebec will experience cooler weather this weekend with temperatures below freezing and a mix of sunshine and clouds.

According to Environment Canada, Atlantic Canada will continue to see significant cloud cover this weekend. Parts of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Newfoundland could see thunderstorms and rain Friday night. Saturday and Sunday will be dry, with temperatures around zero or in the low single digits. Temperatures will warm up as we head into the weekday, with a chance of showers on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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