Canada’s first hydrogen community to be built in Alberta

Canada’s first fully hydrogen-powered community will be built and researched in Alberta.

Utility company ATCO and real estate developer Qualico are partnering in what is called the Bremner neighborhood in Strathcona County near Edmonton.

Construction of the project is scheduled to begin this year. The first resident will be able to move in by 2025, the company announced Tuesday morning.

“The intention is that with pure hydrogen homes, everything will be pretty much the same in terms of building these new homes. It’s the only source of energy for the city,” explains Brad Armstrong, vice president of community development for Northern Alberta.

“So only the regulators or meters outside the house can be changed. Then the furnace fixture itself.”

That means construction costs shouldn’t change much, he added.

This study examines the logistics of getting hydrogen to consumers, as well as the technical and regulatory needs. Existing legislation is only written for natural gas, he noted ATCO Gas president Jason Sharp.

“In fact, energy costs are one of the things we want to wash away in this study. Basically, we expect hydrogen to cost the same as natural gas with a carbon tax by 2030. It’s very important to understand what those economies look like and how to restore it.Because the rules are not clear right now is.

ATCO and Qualico aim to make new homes fully hydrogen-powered from the start, but that depends on getting all the necessary approvals in time and the availability of hydrogen-powered appliances such as stoves. I acknowledged on Tuesday that it depends on the possibilities. in Canada.

Hydrogen to power heat and water utilities immediately will come from the region’s hydrogen hub.

In each of the first two development stages, 150 homes of various types will be built. The first phase will also include the construction of a demonstration home.

This community will be designed to support a total of 80,000-85,000 residents.

“We hear from consumers that everyone is interested in reducing their carbon footprint, so we think the demand is there,” Armstrong said. Do you want to pay or are you prepared to pay?Hopefully in Bremner they will be able to find affordable homes with zero-emission heating and reduced carbon emissions. There are footprints.”

The community will look like no other, he promised.

“People will not notice much difference when they come to Bremner.”

Donating $20 million to hydrogen projects

This research was funded in part by a $2 million grant from the University of Alberta. Hydrogen Center of Excellenceoperated by Alberta Innovates.

Established in 2022 as part of the state’s “Hydrogen Roadmap”, The Center’s mandate is to make Alberta a leader in hydrogen innovation.

The $2 million in Bremner Community Research is only a fraction of the $20 million-plus hydrogen project the center announced in its first funding round on Tuesday.

Seventeen other projects also received funding in varying amounts, ranging from $2 million to $225,000.

Air Products, which is building a hydrogen facility near Edmonton, also received $2 million for a portable hydrogen fuel device.

An additional $2 million was allocated for each Aurora Hydrogen and Battle River Carbon Hub.

The University of Calgary will receive over $1 million in three different projects.

Full list of funded projects Available online.

Using files from Evan Klippenstein of CTV News Edmonton

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