Canadian Chamber of Commerce urges feds to prevent B.C. port strike

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce said it was “deeply concerned” that British Columbia’s dockworkers’ union had filed a strike notice and was ready to withdraw on Saturday.

The Chamber issued a statement urging the federal government to “use every tool in its toolbox” to stop the strike.

The report said a Canadian port closure would accelerate inflation, increase costs for people and businesses, and severely damage the economy.

This comes after federal ministers and British Columbia Premier David Evey publicly urged dockworkers and employers in the province to find ways around the employment problem.

About 7,400 terminal cargo loaders and 49 employers on the province’s waterfront at more than 30 ports in British Columbia, including Vancouver, Canada’s busiest, in a strike notice issued Wednesday by the Canadian International Ports and Warehousing Association. affect.

Unions say outsourcing, port automation and cost of living are the main issues in the dispute.

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