Canadian TV show Lost Car Rescue begins second season

A year ago, Matt Sager didn’t know what to expect.

Lost Car Rescue was about to make its TV debut, but the hosts weren’t sure what to expect.

However, the series has grown in popularity and is back for a second season this week. Like last year, Sager leads a crew to search for an abandoned vehicle in a remote location.

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“Throughout the season, the crew travels across the country in search of a variety of unique finds,” the Lost Car Rescue press release reads. oil boom. ”

Regarding season two, Sager said the first year was a good roadmap for what to expect.

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“We had to capture it and go on this journey,” Sager said in an interview with Global News. or to update someone.

“Most of us[camera guys]were the same, we had the same producers. You can be yourself.”

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Lost Car Rescue returns for a second season

As fans praise the first season, Sager admits he didn’t expect the dream of the decade to become so popular.

“The first season, for a guy who has never been on TV, I was worried about the cameras. I was there,” said Sager.

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“So I was really surprised that it went so smoothly. There were no breakdowns or problems with the plane.

Like most car enthusiasts, Sager has seen other car shows on TV, such as the hugely popular Power Block.

Unlike those shows, Sager’s idea involved actually saving an old, abandoned car from a slow rusting death.

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“I took my time shooting reels and pitches, and it took me a few years to do it because I knew nothing about how to do it,” said Sager, who is from Vancouver Island. rice field.

However, the concept was acquired by History TV. And we were fortunate to be out in year two of COVID to have season one in the bag.

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“So yeah, it’s taken a while, but I’ve been looking[for an abandoned vehicle]for 10 years and have been working on it for at least 7[years].”

He continued, “The real goal was to do something TV had never seen before. We’ll shoot it differently. We’ll use an IMAX camera that captures it with a warm lens. Cameras.” will follow us instead of being in front of us.

“Take the ‘cheesiness’ out of the show and put more authenticity into the show, as long as it makes you feel like you’re in the co-pilot’s seat or right in the recovery truck’s seat with us. ”

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Sager said he loves building old cars and his family makes a couple every year just to love it.

“And I would like to show you another series that is just building old cars,” he said. “But his one hour of television isn’t enough to show his adventures, stories, and hunts.

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“So we choose what we are most passionate about: hunting. We are focused on hunting.”

However, being on TV comes at a price. It’s about getting people’s attention wherever you go.

“Everybody has a different idea of ​​what it means to be famous,” Sager said. “I’m not famous…but it’s really weird when strangers recognize you in most buildings you enter.

“And people give you that look: Are you that guy? I look at that look and say, ‘Hey, it’s Matt.’ And they say, “It’s you!”

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Asked what some of the highlights of season 2 are, Sager smiles, saying there are many.

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“This season we are going to Ontario.

“I’ve never been to Fort Francis or the Rainy River area. I don’t know what we’re doing when we go there.”

He also said: Everyone is comfortable now, so it’s different. We understand television, we understand everything around us.

“So you’re not distracted and you can think in a wider perspective. It’s all about taking risks, and you can be on Al Capone’s ankles or anywhere in Canada, pinch the car he drove, and you’ll be able to do that.” Find out some crazy stories, such as trying to get closer.

“We are literally jumping off cliffs to retrieve vehicles at the bottom of canyons stranded in landslides. The list goes on.”

The series is available on The History Channel and StackTV.

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