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Canadian wildfires continue to trigger air quality warnings in the U.S. – National

Canada’s wildfires continue to send thick clouds of smoke southward through northern Ontario and Quebec to reach the United States.

Heavy haze has issued air quality warnings for Chicago, Detroit and Toronto.

The three cities currently occupy 3 of the top 4 air quality rankings in the Air-IQ Global Air Quality Rankings.

As of Wednesday morning, Dubai, United Arab Emirates topped the list of major cities with a critical score of 411, putting its air quality in the “dangerous” category.

Detroit was second, Chicago was second, and Toronto was fourth, with a rating of 159 for Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups.

Still, some of the smaller communities in southern Ontario are far worse off, with Sarnia scoring a score of 372 at 3:30 a.m., putting the city far behind Dubai. Air-IQ updates the numbers every hour.

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As of Tuesday afternoon, there were 66 fires in northern Ontario, and 76 across Quebec as of this morning.

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