Canadian woman’s art used in Metallica video

Digital artist and professor at the University of Victoria, Kelly Richardson, creates art that visualizes the threat of extinction.

She uses video, CGI, animation and sound to create unique images that show the impact of humans on the natural landscape.

“For me, it’s about getting the public involved in the larger conversation about where we’re all headed. In a University of Victoria press release dated April 7, Richardson said: “People can look into the work and understand what it’s really about, and maybe influence more people that way.”

One day, she received a cryptic message from an art curator on Instagram.

“What does[she]think about the possibility of my work being included in a music video,” Richardson told CTV News Vancouver. I had to.”

The band turned out to be Metallica, and the music video was for their latest song, “72 Seasons,” which will be on their upcoming album.

In the background of the band’s video appeared three works by Richardson titled ‘Origin Stories’, ‘Halo (2021)’ and ‘Origin Stories (AR) (2023)’.

The video has been viewed over 4 million times on YouTube since it was published on March 30th.

“The younger versions of me can’t get their heads around my work being in their music videos,” she said in a press release.

Click the video at the top of this article to watch the full interview.

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