CEO lauds ‘sacrifice’: Worker sold dog to return to office

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The CEO of Utah, where many of the remote workers are demanding to start working in the company’s office, said workers must make sacrifices, leaving children, especially working mothers and single mothers, to take care of their children. I wonder if people who work as caregivers are doing the right thing by both their employers and their children.

A remark made by James Clarke, CEO of digital marketing and technology company Clearlink, at his company’s town hall went viral after an edited version of the comment was posted on Reddit and YouTube.

In his remarks, Clark also mentioned an unnamed employee who, despite what he found to be a heartbreaking decision, decided to sell his dog to comply with orders to return to office. said that it had decided

“Really, these are sacrifices. I admire you for making those sacrifices,” he said.

But the comment that got the most attention in the edited video was about how the return-to-office order would affect the childcare needs of many employees. He suggested that the thyme jobs were incompatible.

“Many of you have tried to take care of your children. [while] They also manage demanding work schedules and responsibilities. And while I know you’re doing your best, some people even say they’ve mastered the craft, but generally argue that this path isn’t fair to employers or children. can also do. ”

“I don’t necessarily believe it,” he continued. “But I believe that very few full-time caregivers are able to be both productive and full-time employees at the same time. You dispute any part of this. Maybe, but I believe the data will support this eventually…”

Clark said the conflict between working, being the “breadwinner” and providing child care while working “hit single mothers the hardest. This is also true for working mothers. It hits hard as well, I would argue, and it’s a real challenge.”

“This is not a criticism of the noble nature of motherhood or the ability to juggle both,” she said.

He praised one of the company’s female vice presidents for choosing to work part-time, suggesting he doubts it’s possible to have a full-time job and be the primary caregiver.

“It’s possible, but it puts so much stress on a working mother’s life that I don’t want to impose it on anyone.

He criticized other employees, saying there were 30 remote employees who hadn’t opened their computers in 30 days, but added, “I’m not saying they weren’t working at all.”

Other employees are “quietly quitting,” he said, working multiple jobs while working remotely and using artificial intelligence programs to create work-created content. suggested that

“We want you to show up, put in blood, sweat and tears, do an honest day of hard work, and then go home to your family,” he said.

Clarke’s remarks were first reported by Vice’s Motherboard news site. In a statement to CNN, Clearlink declined to mention Clarke’s statement in the video when asked about it, but the company did not dispute its veracity. Instead, Clearlink simply dealt with the decision to have many of his remote workers start working in offices again.

“To meet our overall goals, Clearlink recently announced that the majority of our Utah-based employees will be returning to a four-day work week,” the company said in a statement. . “We are excited to have these team members join our new world-class global headquarters in Draper, Utah, and appreciate the efforts of all of our dedicated team members, some of whom will continue to work in our offices and remotely. — when we do our best work together.”

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