‘China doesn’t have much credibility’: West shows skepticism to Ukraine peace proposal – National

Western powers reacted skeptically to China’s proposal for a ceasefire on Friday (the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine), with NATO saying Beijing was less credible as a mediator.

“A proposal that can advance peace is worthy of attention.

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“But you know there are 12 points in China’s plan. If they are serious about sovereignty, which is the first one, this war could end tomorrow.

“China has been trying to do both. On the one hand, it is trying to publicly show itself to be neutral and peace-seeking, but at the same time it is telling Russia’s false narrative of the war. is.”

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Brinken added that China had provided non-lethal aid to Russia through companies and reiterated accusations that Beijing was “currently considering lethal aid”.

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China’s potential role in Ukraine war raises NATO concerns

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told Estonian reporters that Beijing had signed an agreement with Russia just days before it invaded Ukraine a year ago.

“There is not much credibility because China has not been able to condemn its illegal aggression against Ukraine,” he said.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said China does not share a peace plan but shares some principles.

“We look at the principles of course, but we look at the background that China took sides,” she said.

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On February 24, 2022, one year after Russia invaded Ukraine, China called for a comprehensive ceasefire, but Kiev rejected the offer unless Russia withdraws its troops.

Beijing has urged gradual de-escalation, warned against the use of nuclear weapons and said conflict benefits no one.

This largely echoed Beijing’s wartime policy of criticizing Western sanctions but refraining from blaming Russia or calling Russian intervention “aggression.” Russia calls the war in Ukraine a “special military operation”.

Western countries have warned that China’s move to sell arms to Russia would have serious consequences.

Click to play video: 'One year on from Russia's war on Ukraine'

One year after Russia’s war against Ukraine

White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told NBC he would not confirm a report by the German publication Der Spiegel that Russia was in talks with Chinese manufacturers to buy 100 drones.

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“So far, I have never seen China provide deadly aid to Russia and they continue to argue why it would be a terrible mistake for them,” he said.

(Reporting by Bart Meijer and Reuters TV. Purchased by Simon Lewis, Michael Martina, Michelle Nichols, and David Brunnstrom for additional reporting. Written by Sabine Siebold and Davikd Brunnstrom. Editing by Jonathan Oatis.)

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