Disney-DeSantis war of words heats up at annual meeting

Orlando, Florida –

Disney CEO Bob Iger said Monday that retaliation by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Republican-controlled Florida legislature against the company for threatening jobs or expansion at Florida resorts is “anti-business.” Not only is it anti-Florida.”

Responding to questions at an online shareholder meeting, Iger said that Republican governors and lawmakers had their constitutional rights last year when Disney criticized a law nicknamed Florida’s “don’t say gay.” The measure bans teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade, as well as classes deemed age-appropriate.

In response, Florida legislators passed a bill, signed by DeSantis, to reform the government-like commission that oversees Walt Disney World’s 27,000-acre (10,926-hectare) property outside Orlando. . Among the changes made in the law is to allow the governor of Florida to elect his five supervisors on the steering committee, instead of being controlled by Disney as in his 55 years prior to that time. There is something that has become

By fighting Disney, DeSantis sought to increase his reputation as a cultural warrior willing to fight perceived political opponents and use the power of state governments to achieve political goals.

But the DeSantis-appointed supervisor pressed them hard last week at the second meeting of the revamped board by passing restrictive pledges that would strip his predecessor of most powers from the new board. said he was denounced.

DeSantis on Monday called on Florida’s chief inspector general to open an investigation into previous commission actions.

“Any legal or ethical violations should be referred to the appropriate authorities,” DeSantis said in a letter to the Chief Inspector General.

DeSantis spokesman Jeremy Redfern said in an email, “Disney is fighting to maintain its special corporate interests again and evade Florida law. We won’t let that happen.” As I said recently, “You haven’t seen anything yet.”

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