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Drone video captures an epic avalanche on Vancouver Island

A group of BC adventure seekers were lucky enough to capture an avalanche recently on camera.

MactacFPVThe popular YouTube channel was using a drone on Mount Namint on Vancouver Island when it happened to capture the slides on camera.

The videographer did not want his name used, but gave Global News permission to show his video. He said he went out on a “long-distance mountain surfing” day with some long-range drones in hopes of capturing incredible video.

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Special avalanche warning issued for high mountain regions of western Canada as temperatures rise

Last week, Avalanche Canada issued a warning for western Canada’s mountainous region, sharply changing from cold, winter-like conditions.

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“The impact of high temperatures on existing snowpack structures means that these avalanches can become very large and reach the bottom of valleys,” Avalanche Canada said in a warning.

“Hazardous avalanches are present in all mountainous regions of western Canada, and the danger of warm air increases by the day.”

Click to play video: 1 Dead, 3 Injured in Northern BC Avalanche

1 killed, 3 injured in northern BC avalanche

MactacFPV It looked calm when I stepped outside, but as I was preparing to leave, I looked up to see a huge avalanche descending from the mountain in front of me.

“I hurriedly got my drone batteries, fumbled with my GoPro and booked it for the mountain as soon as possible,” he said in a statement to Global News. “Just in time, I saw a pile of snow on the bottom of the mountain. “

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