Emotional memorial held for Devyn Gale in Revelstoke, B.C.

Revelstoke, British Columbia –

An emotional procession and celebration of life was held Saturday in Revelstoke, British Columbia, for a 19-year-old boy who died in the line of duty last week.

Devin Gale’s friends, family and colleagues flocked to pay their respects.

Authorities said the 19-year-old was found under a fallen tree on July 13 while fighting a wildfire near her hometown.

“Devin has been and will always be part of the BC wildfire family,” said Stephen Hood of the BC Wildfire Service.

“Her name will be known. It will be spoken. It will be celebrated.”

Gail was the middle child of three siblings. Her sister Kailn and her brother Nolan spoke of the influence she had on them.

“Dev was not only my sister but also my best friend,” Kailn said. She said, “Her heart was open and she was always looking for her ways to enrich her life and that of others.”

“She made my world shine with color.”

“Devin was a great sister,” said Nolan. “She was kind, caring, she was a loving person.

Nolan said he was in the field with Devin the day he died.

“Thank you for being there when the tree fell,” he said. “I am grateful that I was one of the people who got you out of trouble because I was able to spend a few more minutes with you.”

Devin had just completed her second year of a nursing program at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan in Kelowna.

“Devin’s caring and empathetic nature was reflected in her nursing practice,” says Nolan. “She was the type of nurse who felt comfortable expressing her own struggles, whether her patients were physical or emotional.”

The 19-year-old was also an elite gymnast who once competed at the national level. Her longtime coach and close friend Jill Drake says she was more than just a great athlete.

“Early on, she stood out in whatever she did…not just in my gym, but in life,” said Drake. “She was very capable. She was very strong.”

Crew leader Casey Robinson, who trained Gale, says Gale has become an important member of the team.

“She’s grown into someone that everyone wants to work with,” he said.

“Her intelligence, energy and ability to work harder than anyone else made her a great firefighter.”

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