Families to file complaints against Hockey Quebec for alleged player racism – Montreal

After an incident during a hockey game last December, a mixed-race teenager and his mother file a hockey complaint with the Commission on Human Rights and Youth Rights in Quebec. We believe that fighting racism against black people is not enough.

The first time the n-word was allegedly used against 16-year-old Aiden Chase was last November.

“Thankfully he didn’t hear it himself, but his teammate heard it and notified the referee,” said mother Laurie Phillips. I hadn’t heard, so I didn’t do anything about it,” she added.

A month later, it allegedly happened again against the same team, resulting in an on-ice fight involving players and coaches. An investigation was conducted that resulted in an eight-game suspension.

“The player then appealed the suspension, but he claimed he didn’t say it,” Phillips said. “So Aiden was asked to attend the hearing and I attended as well.”

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At an online hearing in January, the n-word was used twice more while witnesses described the incident.

“The first time they said it, it was nothing,” said Aiden Chase.

“Nobody said anything and it just happened again. No one on the board said anything at the time, so my mom decided to say something,” Chase added. I got

After the hearing, the player’s suspension was reduced to five games. Completely dissatisfied with how the board handled the case and disciplinary hearing, Chase and his mother wrote to Hockey Quebec hoping more action would be taken.

“The response that came back was still not good enough,” says Philipps. “That’s what got us to where we are now,” she added.

The Center for Race Relations Research and Action (CRARR) helped Chase and his mother file a formal complaint with the Commission on Human Rights and Youth Rights against Quebec hockey, recognizing the organization needed systemic change. I hope you will.

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“We outline where all the flaws are and what remedies are needed,” said Fo Niemi, executive director of CRARR.

“There is a need for clear policies, mandatory training, greater diversity across organizations and structures, and, more importantly, a revamp of grievance mechanisms and procedures,” added Niemi, adding that this is an isolated It said it wasn’t an incident. Several families who have allegedly faced similar interactions involving racial slurs have come forward in recent months.

“If Hockey Quebec is delicate and rational, I hope we can find some solution,” Niemi said.

As for Aiden Chase, he hopes that other family members won’t have to face the same discrimination he did.

“We really need a way to support future players who may go through something similar,” Chase said.

In an email to Global News, Hockey Quebec would not comment on specific cases, but said all officers and employees participated in a racial sensitivities training held last November.

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