Federal government ‘reviewing’ Ontario health-care reform bill

The federal government said it was scrutinizing Ontario’s new health reform law to invest in private clinics.

In a statement obtained by CTV News Toronto, the office of Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos shared the concerns of Canadians who want his government to “protect and strengthen public health care delivery.” said that he is

“We are aware of the Ontario government legislation introduced yesterday and will review it closely to ensure we respect the Canadian Health Act,” his office said Wednesday.

“We will always protect Canadians’ equitable access to universal health services and never hesitate to take action to uphold the law.”

Law in question— your health— Allowing independent clinics to perform OHIP-eligible surgical and diagnostic procedures, including MRI and CT scans, cataract surgery, minimally invasive gynecologic surgery, and ultimately knee and hip replacements.

Proponents and opposition parties argue that this will create a two-tiered health care system, leading to further privatization of health care.the claim caught the eye of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Early this month.

The prime minister told reporters in January that he was aware of Prime Minister Doug Ford’s proposal to add for-profit regional surgical and diagnostic centers to the health system. At the time, he said he was watching Ontario submit its proposal, noting that one of the federal government’s main responsibilities is to ensure public access to health care. .

Prime Minister Trudeau said on January 16, “We will continue to monitor across the country as people respond in different ways to better serve Canadians in healthcare.”

Ford claims he will not be required to pay for services covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). This has been reinforced in law, prohibiting clinics from refusing to provide insurance services to people who are unable to pay.

Speaking to reporters in Congress on Wednesday, NDP leader Marit Stiles said federal health care funds could be directed to specific uses to prevent the Ford government from spending money “on the interests of shareholders rather than on patient care.” I hope to be conditioned.

“I wanted to see the federal government protect healthcare,” she said.

“I think people in Ontario clearly believe they don’t want to live in a state or country where some people pay for a certain level of care and others suffer. And that’s also what this leads to.” .”

The law outlines how state governments will license these new for-profit and non-profit clinics, and also establishes oversight agencies responsible for safety and quality standards.

Using files from Rachel Aiello of CTV News

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