Fernando Alonso pit stop penalty: F1 clarifies the rules

melbourne –

F1 officials confirmed on Friday that the team could no longer touch the car with a jack during a penalty pit stop following Fernando Alonso’s controversy at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Aston Martin driver Alonso was handed a five-second penalty for making an error on the starting grid in Jeddah, then properly serviced as the rear jack collided with his car before five seconds had elapsed. Another penalty was imposed for failing to provide

Additional penalties demoted the two-time world champion from third to fourth, but after Aston Martin successfully appealed, the stewards refuted the decision and put Alonso back on the podium.

Teams were banned from working on their cars during penalty pit stops, so the governing FIA issued a directive to resolve the matter.

“For the sake of clarity, and until further notice, the FIA ​​does not, in this context, imply, in the event of such a penalty, that the car or driver is physically harassed with hands, tools or equipment (including front and rear jacks). Anything you touch is considered work,” the FIA ​​said.

The directive follows the FIA’s decision to widen the grid slots at Albert Park ahead of Sunday’s Australian Grand Prix after Esteban Ocon and Alonso received penalties for missing the mark in the first two races of the season. Thing.

Reported by Ian Ransom of Melbourne.Editing by Robert Barthel

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