Fiona-related wood waste piling up in 1 N.S. municipality

Post-Tropical Storm Fiona has left its transoceanic trail of destruction six months later, but the waste left over from the storm is piling up in some areas.

The Cape Breton Municipality (CBRM) is trying to figure out what to do with the piles of wood waste left in landfills from thousands of felled trees.

“It’s hard to give a weight number because we weren’t able to weigh it when it arrived. There was too much traffic. CBRM Solid Waste Manager Francis Campbell said: says.

Campbell estimates that 20,000 to 25,000 tons have entered the site.

My job now is to process it all and then find a company or individual to receive it.

“That’s at least two years’ worth of regular brushes that come in here,” says Campbell.

Stephen Moore, Executive Director of Forest Nova Scotia, said there were enough markets in the state to process the amount of trees cut from Fiona and even the wood left over following the closure of Northern Pulp. I say no.

“If you look at how other places use this type of product, whether it’s leftover wood from timber or waste wood, other places use it to heat homes, e.g. We are using it for heating our homes and for heating our businesses, so we are missing an opportunity.” Moore.

Moore said weather patterns in the area are changing, requiring new plans to deal with the debris.

CBRM, on the other hand, says it needs space and is concerned about potential hazards.

“There is always a fire risk with wood piled up like this, so treating and clearing the wood is the biggest problem,” says Campbell.

The city says more space may be needed as some fallen trees have yet to be cleared.

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