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Ford vehicles of the future could repossess themselves and drive away – National

Automaker Ford has filed a patent in the US that would give cars the ability to collect themselves, including the potential ability to contact collection agencies directly on their own.

of patent, “Systems and Methods for Seizing Vehicles” was published on February 23. Foreclosures usually occur when a buyer fails to make required payments, and the bank seizes the property (in this case, a Ford vehicle) without court proceedings. .

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This 14-page document details how and why Ford does automated recalls, including the ability for Ford to disable one or more components of the vehicle, from the engine to the locking mechanism to the entertainment system.

In the patent, Ford claims that if a vehicle owner is notified of a foreclosure, “they may attempt to interfere with the operation of the foreclosure.”

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“In some cases, this can lead to conflict,” Ford reasoned in the patent. “Therefore, it is desirable to provide a solution to address this issue.”

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The solution is to install a system that can force the vehicle back without the owner’s presence. According to the patent, a vehicle with autonomous or semi-autonomous capabilities can self-drive “from a first location where a tow truck can conveniently tow the vehicle to a second location.” The vehicle could be transported via autopilot to a seizure agency or location, the company said.

If the vehicle has no economic value to be fully recovered, the automated recovery system “may cooperate with the vehicle computer to autonomously move the vehicle from the owner’s premises to a junkyard.”

This is determined based on the vehicle’s mileage, condition, and other costs associated with the remand, such as towing fees.

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The system does not require any physical modifications to the vehicle. This software is similar to a “remand computer” and can be installed on any vehicle with internet connection.

Ford says owners facing foreclosure will receive numerous warnings and notices before an automatic foreclosure takes place. One such warning idea mentioned in the patent is the use of a “constant unpleasant sound” that can be heard “every time the owner is in the vehicle.”

As stated in the patent, the owner may also be locked out of his vehicle, but only on weekends. Emergency use — Ford uses the example of someone having a heart attack — is still allowed.

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Ford filed a patent, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the automaker will introduce elements of its technology into its product line. , the company applies for a patent.

Global News reached out to Ford Canada to ask if a similar patent was underway north of the US border, but did not receive a comment until press time.

Ford appears to be the only automaker to have applied for an automatic recovery patent.

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in Canada, auto loan delinquency rate reported to be on the rise. About 2% of Canadian auto loans are delinquent, an increase of 0.31 basis points from 2021.

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