Fusion Church closing kitchen doors for renovations – Edmonton

The volunteer group in the Fusion Church kitchen will be closed for renovations, so it may take longer to make Sunday meals.

Every Sunday, groups gather in the westernmost church kitchen to prepare meals for the vulnerable Edmontonians in nearby Butler Park. Coats and blankets are also provided for those who need more than a warm meal.

Roy has been serving food at the park for the past year and a half, and says the number of people stopping by has increased significantly.

“I kept hearing voices saying, ‘Feed my people,'” Roy said. “A lot of people are in a situation and it’s not their fault.”

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Edmonton Youth Help Homeless

Missions are needed by the community, but are also in danger of being closed. Fusion Church renovations are about to begin and the kitchen will be unavailable for Sunday meal prep.

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Another church provides the kitchen, but Roy said he is waiting to hear from Alberta Health Services about whether groups can use it.

Due to the large number of people they serve, AHS is required to provide a stamp of approval.

“You need an approved kitchen. It has to be legal. Everything had to be handled a certain way,” said Roy.

Roy said he would head to the park around 2pm. You are lucky if there is food left after an hour.

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Elementary school students feed homeless Edmontese

The program’s growth has been amazing, but Roy said it’s really hard to turn people down when they’re out of food.

“There are so many people in the West and nothing for the people. , they stay two or three days and have nowhere to eat,” says Roy.

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“My heart would break if I couldn’t feed people.”

Volunteer Zoe Lingham said she and other volunteers are building friendships with the communities they serve.

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City Council Approves $7.5 Million for Emergency Winter Shelter Space in West Edmonton

“When we go to the park, they’re literally like family to us, and so are the people I volunteer with,” she said.

Lingham started making hot desserts this winter, bringing them to the park every other week and is now known as the ‘Dessert Lady’.

Lingham, who serves 200 people each week, said: “Who feeds these people?”

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