German leader Olaf Scholz seeks Indian support for efforts to isolate Russia – National

Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Saturday that Germany does not want India to support, or at least prevent, Western efforts to isolate Russia for waging a devastating war against Ukraine.

Following a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mr Scholz stressed that developing countries are being adversely affected by war-induced energy and food shortages, and that India is expanding into Asia, Africa and the Americas. would like to help secure critical supplies for

Modi maintained a cautious approach, saying India hopes to end the conflict through dialogue and diplomacy. “India is ready to contribute to any peace initiative,” he added.

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He has refrained from outright criticism of Russia because Moscow is a major supplier of arms, oil and other economic needs of India.

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Scholz said Russia’s war against Ukraine “violated the basic principle we all agree on: not to use violence to change borders.”

Scholz, who arrived in the Indian capital on Saturday, also discussed with Modi how to promote bilateral economic cooperation.

He said he supported a free trade deal between the European Union and India and would “personally make sure this does not drag on.”

While this is Scholz’s first official visit to India, it is his fourth meeting with Modi since taking office in 2021, and he has emphasized Germany’s interest in reaching out to Delhi.

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“There is great potential for enhanced cooperation in areas such as renewable energy, hydrogen, mobility, pharmaceuticals and the digital economy” with India, Scholz said in an interview published in The Times of India on Saturday. Told.

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Before leaving Berlin after a videoconference with G7 leaders on Friday, Scholz said: “Internationally, we want to make it clear that Russia is the only country in the world to carry out an attack on Ukraine. I am trying,” he said.

German ambassador to India, Philip Ackermann, said he understood why India was buying so much oil from Russia.

“It’s for the Indian government to decide, and it’s available at a very low price, so you can’t blame the Indian government for buying it,” New Delhi Television quoted Ackerman as saying.

Germany is pushing to diversify its economic ties as European nations seek to cut ties with China, a German official said on condition of anonymity.

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Mr Modi said the business delegation accompanying Mr Scholz was strengthening agreements with India on digital technology, telecommunications sector and supply chain diversification.

Scholz reiterated that Germany welcomes skilled workers from India, especially in the information technology and software industries.

“We want to profit from Indian talent being employed in the German industrial sector,” he said.

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India will receive $10.5 billion in aid by 2030 to promote the use of clean energy under an agreement signed by the two countries last May.

The two-day visit will also see Scholz travel to Bangalore, India’s information technology hub, on Sunday.

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