Hillary Clinton to speak at Liberal convention

Former First Lady of the United States and the country’s 67th Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, will speak at the 2023 Liberal National Convention (also known as Lib2023) in Ottawa on Friday, May 5.

“Hillary Rodham Clinton has a lifelong experience in American politics and public service, committed to promoting human rights around the world, growing a strong middle class, and achieving economic growth that works for all. I’ve dedicated my career,” Canadian Liberal Party National Director Azam Ishmael said in a bulletin.

Ishmael added that Clinton will join Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland to discuss how Canada can “continue working together to keep our country and the world moving forward.”

“Since 2015, Justin Trudeau and our Liberal team have been making progress for Canadians.From important conversations with Canadians to running successful campaigns, we listen to them. , interested in turning their big ideas into action.

During the 2021 federal election campaign, Clinton also endorsed the Federal Liberal Party and called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau her “friend.”

Additional keynote speakers scheduled to attend the conference include former Prime Minister Trudeau, former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and Liberal Party of Canada Leader Suzanne Cowan.

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