How AI is impacting the modelling industry

The Canadian model says the rapid rise of artificial intelligence is changing the modeling industry and could ultimately rob her of her source of income.

Sinead Bovell said on CTV’s Your Morning on Friday: “Model agencies are emerging. One of them is a deep agency, a company that only offers AI models.”

Concern about the growing understanding of AI and the shortening time it takes for the technology to be deployed has prompted Elon Musk, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and other computer and technology experts to I called to stop using it for 6 months.

But Bobell says that in many industries, including modeling, “the cat came out of the bag.”

“There is no turning back,” she said. I think the potentially slowing message from AI researchers has sparked an important public conversation about the pace of the technology and why it’s going so fast.

To keep up with this trend, some models like Bella Hadid have created ‘digital twins’ of themselves. . But interacting with AI avatars can be problematic, Bovell said.

“I watch out for models,” said Bovel. “Make sure you have ownership of your likeness and reorientation, learning additional skills, and a true commitment to your human story. This is something AI can never own.”

Bovell said the pace at which technologies such as AI chatbots ChatGPT and AI avatars are deployed should be controlled and should not be done without ethical considerations.

Computer-generated models are already popular, with AI Miquela reaching 2.8 million followers on Instagram and winning brand deals, Bovell said.

“We need a little more communication between researchers, AI companies and governments,” she said. “So AI could be the path to readiness. Researchers get the chance to experiment with models before they go live. So society is not a guinea pig for new technologies.” Especially not guinea pigs without guardrails.”

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