How the Hollywood actors strike may impact Canada’s film, TV industries

Canada’s film and television industry is bracing for growing job instability following a strike by Hollywood actors, but observers say the strike will put more people out of work, disrupt TV schedules and Celebrity events like the Toronto International Film Festival could see a drop in box office revenue, he said.

The Screen Actors Guild/Federation of Television and Radio Artists’ decision to quit work late Thursday night came after the SAG star, who entered six weeks after surviving the Writers Guild of America strike, died on the Canadian set. will ring the bell of

Questions have also been raised about the fate of celebrity tourist-focused events such as TIFF scheduled for September 7-17 and Fan Expo Canada scheduled for August 24-27.

In an emailed statement, TIFF said the SAG strike was a quintessential star known for fan-friendly red carpets and premieres, as well as A-list-studded press conferences and junkets that drew journalists from around the world. He said it would almost certainly influence the gathering festival.

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“The impact of this strike on the industry and events like ours is undeniable,” TIFF said shortly after the SAG announced its employment measures.

“We urge our partners and colleagues to resume open dialogue.

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Writers Share Picketing Experiences at Paramount Studios During Strike

When asked last week about the potential impact of the SAG strike on Fan Expo Canada, the vice president of Fan Expo headquarters denied the possibility of a no-show at the genre-focused pop culture event.

In an emailed statement on Saturday, Andrew Moyes said, “Our planned experiences will not be affected.”

“We hope that all parties affected by this can reach an amicable agreement soon.”

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But it wasn’t clear Thursday whether some SAG members would make a collective decision to skip such events, even if they don’t appear on strike-affected studio projects, said a Toronto-based official. One SAG member who holds the In a quiet place this year. ”

Anthony Q. Farrell said of the intentions of the strike, “I think they’re trying to say categorically no to everything,” regarding Comic-Con, Fan Expo, and more.

“As someone trying to market the series, the SAG series, absolutely not.

FILE – Actors and comedians Tina Fey (middle) and Fred Armisen (right) attend the Writers Guild of America picket line during a rally in front of Silvercup Studios in New York on Tuesday, May 9, 2023. Join the strike members. The Hollywood Actors Guild, which is on the brink of strike, has agreed to allow last-minute intervention by federal mediators, but says it doubts a deal will be reached by a late negotiation deadline on Wednesday, July 12, 2023. (AP Photo/ Bebet Matthews, File) ).


The U.S.-based battle is expected to have myriad ramifications across borders, with more than half of the film and television shoots shot in Canada being U.S. productions, collectively tens of thousands of employs local talent and staff.

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Farrell said he was happy to see his union stand up to the studio, but the move would put even more Canadian staff out of work if the shoot included the SAG cast. predicted to be deaf.

Farrell, who is also a member of the WGA, hoped that the twin strikes would accelerate the signing of both unionized actors and writers and get them all back to work soon.

“Things haven’t been level yet,” Farrell told the budding showrunners in Winnipeg.

“I hope this is good for our cause, the WGA.

The Actors Guild of Canada, the Canadian Federation of Film, Television and Radio Artists, which represents its 28,000 members across the United States, has expressed solidarity with the SAG.

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What does the US Writers Strike mean for the BC film industry?

The U.S. dispute with the Motion Picture and Television Producers Federation, which represents employers such as Disney, Netflix and Amazon, centers primarily on compensation, benefits and warranties related to the use of artificial intelligence.

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ACTRA President Eleanor Noble said in a statement: “We recognize that their fight is our fight and that it is for the benefit of all performers.”

“We will continue to work together to ensure that our performers are respected and fairly compensated for the value they bring to every production.”

Shaftesbury Films CEO Christina Jennings said the SAG strike would affect Canadian shows with a Canadian cast, such as Shaftesbury’s “Murdoch Mysteries” and “Hudson and Rex,” which are currently filming. said it would not affect

But she said it could affect future unannounced Canadian projects by the SAG cast.

“It’s not a great day today, but fortunately for Shaftesbury, at this point there’s been absolutely no impact on our business,” Jennings said.

“We have some new shows coming up and there is no urgency, but we will be watching this news closely…. We may need to adjust our strategy.”

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At least one Canadian broadcaster has acknowledged that its fall TV programming plans may be derailed, with Citi TV showing “Law & Order”, “Chicago Med”, “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago PD” among others if the strike continues. He pointed out that the return of the title would be delayed. ”

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Jennings said he believes such changes could create opportunities for Canadian programming and that there are holes for homegrown broadcasters to fill.

“I already know this from talking to them, but they’re taking their schedules really seriously just because of the Writers Guild strike,” she said.

“They’re already moving shows. Canadian shows are often brought forward in schedule to make up for the shortfall.”

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