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On Thursday morning, activists in London dumped a ton of yellow and blue paint in front of the Russian embassy in support of Ukraine. The protests came on the eve of her first anniversary from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Photos and video of the demonstration show activists in painter’s coveralls carrying wheelbarrows full of bags of paint on Bayswater Road near Kensington’s Hyde Park.

As they uncorked the bags and spilled the paint, other protesters with large broomsticks spread the pigment across the busy intersection until it resembled the Ukrainian flag. organizers instructed the cars to drive slowly through the demonstration.

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Crowds of spectators gathered to watch the protest as cars continued to pass and tires were stained with yellow and blue paint.

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the group in charge of the stunts, Led by the Donkeys, it wrote in a statement“Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of Putin’s imperialist aggression against Ukraine, an independent state and people of all sovereignty. , would help remind him of that.”

Four people, Three men and one woman arrested in connection with protest They are now in custody at a West London police station, the Metropolitan Police have confirmed to MyLondon.

Led by Donkeys is an art activist group formed to protest Brexit, but has since turned to other social issues. The name Led by Donkeys derives from the World War I proverb “lions led by donkeys,” referring to the belief that British soldiers were being driven to their deaths by incompetent leaders. was

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Activists reportedly sprayed 170 liters of yellow paint on the east-facing lane and a similar amount of blue paint on the west-facing lane to create a giant flag in front of the Russian embassy. said. They said the paint was “a high standard, non-toxic, solvent-free, eco-friendly, fast-drying edible paint designed for making road art.”

A Londoner who drove through the protest shared a photo of the blue-tinted wheels on Twitter.

“My wheels are ashamed,” he wrote. “Still, that protest put a big smile on my face!”

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, 2022. Shortly before the invasion, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told Russian President Vladimir Putin that the invasion would “bring a lot of painful filth, blood and death” to their doorsteps.

A year after the war began, those words still ring true.

Hundreds of thousands of Russian men fled the country to avoid being caught in the fighting. Millions of Ukrainians have been forced from their homes. Tens of billions of dollars are being poured into weapons, making war more deadly than ever. And trillions more are estimated to have been lost to the global economy. And even these numbers don’t justify the human and financial costs.

As for the number of bodies, certainly the most important tally, kept secret by both sides, all that can be said for sure is that it is terrifying. Western officials estimate the number to be in the tens of thousands and growing relentlessly.

But Ukraine still exists. That in itself is a crushing defeat for the Kremlin.

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