Hundreds sign petition against teardown of downtown Calgary bike lane – Calgary

Hundreds of people have signed a petition against the demolition of Calgary’s bike paths.

The bike path, which runs along Third Avenue South from 8th Street West to Center Street, was an interim route introduced by the City of Calgary as a detour for construction along the Bow Valley Pathway.

According to the city homepage, the route was always intended to be temporary until the Eau Claire Regional Improvement Project is completed this fall. It was also supposed to be a long-term solution to “improve the pedestrian environment” for Calgarians.

The city said the permanent infrastructure was added as part of its short- and long-term strategy to benefit pedestrians and all other road users.

“There is a certain degree of temporary nature to their original function as detours,” says Dennis Hoffert, project manager for the city’s urban and community systems department.

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“We would like to make it clear that the removal of the detour will not have any impact on future projects or considerations regarding cycling on Third Avenue … Once that routing system is fully open to the public, we will encourages their users to take advantage of its new infrastructure. “

But supporters are calling on the city to make the cycle track permanent. By Wednesday evening, 984 Signed Petition on Project Calgary He urged the city to reconsider its plan to demolish the bike path.

Molly Bennett, president of Bike Calgary, said the bike path is an important link between businesses and customers for people living downtown.

He said the removal of the bike path goes against the city’s policies on climate change and proactive transportation, and he hopes the city will consider making it permanent.

“This route is popular. rice field.

“The people who use this bike path are different than the people who use the Bow Valley Pathway. They serve this bike path for two different people.

“I think there has been some misunderstanding and misunderstanding as to whether this is permanent or temporary.

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