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iPhone from 2007 sells for US$63K at auction

Nostalgia for old technology can come at a shocking price, especially when certain artifacts change the way humans communicate. One generation of the original Apple iPhone sold for US$63,356.40. online bidding site.

This was a far cry from the original retail price of the first iPhone ($400 to $600 when it launched on June 29, 2007, five months after it was signed by Steve Jobs). black turtleneckfirst introduced this product at the MacWorld San Francisco convention.

Kate Green, the seller of this like-new iPhone, was gifted the device in 2007, but never took it out of the box because she already had a working phone.

The online auction, hosted by the site LCG Auctions, opened with a bid of US$2,500 and had 27 bids before closing on February 19th. These bids are part of a larger trend among high-end collectors. , considers the original factory-sealed iPhone to be a prime asset.Last year, the same factory-sealed product was purchased in August for US$35,414 and in October for US$39,339.

Considered a notable leap from previous smartphone installments, the original iPhone featured 4/8 gigabytes of storage and a 2-megapixel camera (in stark contrast to the 12-megapixel dual cameras of recent iPhones). , and included an innovative touch screen.

In 2007, Time Magazine won the first iPhone Invention Award.

According to the description below the LCG auction listing, “There is no question that interest in culturally relevant collectibles is growing rapidly. We believe the space is still in its early stages.”

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