Joe Biden visit: President gets Peace by Chocolate bar

U.S. President Joe Biden was given maritime-made sweet treats during his visit to Ottawa on Friday.

Green Party leader Elizabeth May presented Biden with a Piece by Chocolate bar during a series of handshakes with Canadian politicians.

Based in Antigonish, North Carolina, Peace by Chocolate was founded in 2012 by the Hadhad family, who were forced to flee their home from war-torn Damascus.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau clutched a chocolate bar and Mr. Biden attended a book signing at a welcoming ceremony at the Capitol.

“Don’t leave chocolates with the Prime Minister,” someone said after signing.

“Yes,” Biden replied. “Where’s my chocolate?”

Back in the hands of the president, Trudeau explained the story of the Haddad family.

Before leaving the room, Mr Biden joked to reporters, “Depending on the difficulty of the question, you could share this chocolate.”

Tareq Hadhad, CEO and Founder of Peace by Chocolate, said he was honored and proud to witness a “historic moment.”

In a tweet Saturday morning, Haddad thanked May for his gesture, adding, “It was a moment our family will never forget.”

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