Kadeisha Buchanan latest injury for Canada ahead of World Cup

Canada manager Bev Priestman is gearing up for this summer’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, but injuries are holding back.

Veteran defender Kadeisha Buchanan is the latest player to miss Tuesday’s friendly against No. 5 France at Le Mans. A Canadian backline anchor with 131 caps, the 27-year-old centre-back has returned to his English club, Chelsea, for further evaluation of an injury sustained prior to his camp in Canada. rice field.

“Looking at the big picture, she didn’t do what we needed to do,” Priestman said during a virtual availability on Monday. I don’t think it’s an injury, but it’s not a “she’ll be ready this week” type of injury either.

“It will definitely take management. She has to go to the World Cup and she has to develop like everyone else.”

The sixth-ranked Canadian has only one name: Janine Becky, Dean Rose, Nichelle Prince, Desiree Scott, and Quinn, who were injured. Becky will miss the World Cup after having knee surgery But Priestman hopes the rest of the squad is ready for the July 20 start of the 32-team World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

Rose and Prince are recovering from an Achilles tendon injury, and Scott suffered an injury requiring surgery at the end of the 2022 season.

Veteran centre-back Sherina Zadorski is recovering from an illness and Priestman has chosen not to invite her to camp.

With Vanessa Gill and Jade Rose available at centre-backs, Priestman looked for positives.

“There are great opportunities for those on the pitch. Are we light? I think we need it.”

“Other than what we know about Janine (Becky), we hope to have the missing core players back,” she added.

The deadline for submitting the 23 women’s roster to FIFA is July 10th. Priestman says he will wait until the last minute. This could mean bringing additional players to Australia for pre-tournament camps before the deadline.

“There is a bright future ahead of this World Cup, regardless of who is eligible or ineligible for the World Cup,” Priestman said.

France made her coaching debut with a 5-2 victory over No. 26 Colombia at Clermont-Ferrand on Friday.

Leonard, who coached Saudi Arabia at last year’s World Cup in Qatar, said several key players, including captain Wendy Leonard, would not participate in the World Cup if she stayed. He succeeded Corinne Diacre last month after being laid off after being fired. responsible person.

“I think they’re the best top side and riding high in the (coaching) rotation,” Priestman said. “And with the World Cup approaching, I think anyone on that pitch would think they were there to solidify their qualification for the World Cup.”

The Canadian women are 5-7-3 against France, 1-4-1 since beating France 1-0 in the bronze medal match at the 2012 London Olympics. Her one victory during that period was at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

France have won their last two meetings 1-0 in Calais in March 2020 and Rennes in April 2018.

Canadians are also busy preparing for the World Cup, thanks to a long-running labor dispute with Canadian Soccer.

But Priestman says the mood at the camp is much better than at the SheBelieves Cup in February.

“I never felt that way. I think the team would say the same,” she said. And it wasn’t a given based on what was going on. “

“To be honest, it was a really fun camp[in France],” she added. “I really, really enjoyed it and hopefully the fun continues in the game[on Tuesday].”

Tuesday’s match at the Marie Marvint Stadium will be shown in the penultimate FIFA window before the World Cup. The Canadian women’s team will have her two behind-the-scenes matches in Australia ahead of the tournament.

Canada are in World Cup Group B, alongside No. 10 Australia, No. 22 Ireland and No. 42 Nigeria.

Other young talents in the camp include 19-year-old midfielder Simi Aujo (5 senior caps), 18-year-old forward Amanda Allen (1 senior cap) and uncapped defender Sidney Collins. increase. He was a first-round pick by North Carolina College in January’s NWSL Draft.

Midfielder Marie Yasmine Alidou (1 senior cap) came on as a second-half injury substitute.

Women’s teams around the world wear purple wristbands to symbolize equality during the current FIFA International Window. At the SheBelieves Cup, Canadian women wore purple wristbands and T-shirts with “enough is enough” etched to promote their fight for equality.

“I think it’s great,” said Priestman, who wore a purple wristband in solidarity with the players at the SheBelieves Cup.

“It’s a competition on the pitch, but what we learn about the women’s game is off the pitch, unity and all together,” she added. “I think it’s something very special and unique in the women’s game. The support is outstanding. think.”

This report by The Canadian Press was first published on April 10, 2023.

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