Last Edmonton festival wraps up ahead of 3-year Hawrelak Park closure – Edmonton

Many Edmontans were enjoying the Silver Skating Festival at Hawlerack Park on Monday as the winter festival wraps up with Family Day.

It could also be the last festival in this part of the river valley, as the park will be closed for three years to do extensive rehabilitation work.

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The Heritage Festival will move to Borden Park, Exhibition Land for three years due to the closure of Horlerak Park.

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silver skates One of the many Edmonton festivals and events we needed to find a new home for. Across the river Sir He relocates to Wilfrid Laurier Park.

“We are very excited to introduce another gem of the River Valley,” said Erin DiLoreto, Executive Producer of Silver Skate.

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“So we test the water and see what it looks like. It’s a chance to get out of the comfort of the Hawrelak and try something different.”

Silver Skating Festival at Hollerak Park on Monday 20th February 2023.

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After 17 years at Hawrelak, DiLoreto misses the original location but is looking forward to the much-needed change.

“We hope that the work needed for Hoorelak Park will be done in a thoughtful and sensible way.”

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220 trees to be felled in Hollerak Park as part of a rehabilitation project

“Our stance has always been that there is work that needs to be done at Hoorelak,” she said. You can’t even bring in a bank machine.”

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Diloret did not see the park’s final design, but said her top priorities were safety, ring roads, transportation plans, signage, power, internet, amphitheater upgrades, and a 1954 kitchen facility. there is

“We’ve moved into the 21st century and are doing some great things that have to be done,” Diloret said.

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“I love Hawlerak Park. I think Hawlerak Park is probably the jewel of the river valley,” she added. “I hope they don’t change it too much.”

Other festivals, usually based in Hawrelak, are looking for other venues, such as Exhibition Lands, Borden Park and Remax Field, DiLoreto said.

Hawrelak will officially close on March 13th.

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Festival has questions about planned changes to Horlerak Park

Linda Lee, who was enjoying the park with her family, said, “I had never heard of it until I got here today. They enjoy it in all seasons,” she said.

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“I love how open it is and how big it is.

Stefan Lee was saddened to hear of the three-year closure.

“It’s a pretty big park. It hosts a lot of festivals, like Heritage Days. We enjoy it and come every year… There’s a big rink surface. Definitely missed. I’ve been here a few times this year to skate.”

“We’ll get through it,” added Linda. “I don’t think we have a choice.”

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Alexie Jara sees both sides of the coin.

“I think it’s really sad, but I think it’s a great start to go somewhere else, try new things, and bring in more people,” she said.

“I think it would be very nice to move, but it would be really sad to see another heritage site closed for a while.”

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Hawrelak Park’s potential closure for years has to do with Edmonton festivals

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