Longtime New Yorker cartoonist Edward Koren dies

Brookfield, Vermont –

Edward Coren, the longtime New Yorker cartoonist known for his hairy humanoids, has died. he was 87 years old.

Coren died of lung cancer in Brookfield, Vermont on Friday, according to his wife, Curtis Coren.

He has created over 1,000 long-nosed creature cartoons for New Yorkers since the 1960s, including covers. He also wrote and illustrated books, and was Vermont’s second cartoonist winner for three years. Koren said he never ran out of material and often wrote down what people said as fodder for his art.

“What captures my attention is the theater of all humans around me. I just can’t believe my luck,” he wrote of his exhibition at Columbia University in 2010.

Born in New York City, Coren moved full-time to the small village of Brookfield, Vermont more than 30 years ago, working as a volunteer firefighter.

His latest book, Koren In the Wild, published in 2018, features cartoons spanning nearly 40 years and makes fun of rural and urban dwellers.

“I love him skating on the edge. He shows how ridiculous and precious we are without offending anyone,” said the then executive director of the Vermont Arts Council. One Karen Mittelmann said.

Coren told the Associated Press that she liked the Lily Tomlin quote.

In 2018 he said:

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