Maryland: Overturned gas tanker explodes, killing one

One person died after a capsized gas tanker exploded on a highway in Frederick, Maryland on Saturday, and a possible house fire started as city officials advised residents to avoid the area.

Flames and smoke billowed into the air after the tanker exploded on Maryland’s Route 15, said Ron Snyder, a spokesperson for the Maryland State Police (MDSP).

The tanker driver died in the accident, Snyder confirmed to CNN by phone. No other casualties were reported immediately, Snyder added.

The highway was closed between Route 50 and 7th Avenue, according to an MDSP tweet with officers on site.

Frederick Mayor Michael O’Connor said in a Facebook post that personnel from the Frederick Fire and Rescue Squad (DFRS) were also at the scene of a “believed tanker explosion.” The mayor is asking residents to avoid the area.

The city fire department had set up a media coverage area near the scene shortly after the explosion occurred.

“We have provided all available resources to assist with this incident.We will continue to support the DFRS as they lead the incident management and cleanup. , we ask all residents to avoid the area to prevent the fire from spreading,” the mayor said in a statement.

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