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Metro Vancouver asks for limited water use amid ‘unseasonably’ warm and dry conditions – BC

Water consumption in the area remains high due to continued hot and dry weather in the Metro Vancouver area.

The City of Metro Vancouver is asking all residents to limit outdoor water use and water their lawns only one day a week (Saturday or Sunday, depending on your street address).

“Metro Vancouver has been experiencing unseasonably warm, dry weather since the end of April 2023, with very little precipitation,” a Metro Vancouver staff member said in a release.

“Although water levels in reservoirs are still within normal ranges for this time of year, short-term weather forecasts show a continuing trend of warmer, drier weather, with water consumption across the region continuing to increase by more than 20 percent compared to the same period last year.”

Click to play video: BC Evening Forecast: July 20th

BC Evening Weather Forecast: July 20

On Wednesday, water consumption reached its highest of the week, with more than 1.56 billion liters of water used in Metro Vancouver.

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“Successful conservation across the region will help keep drinking water available where it’s most needed, for drinking, cooking and cleaning, and will reduce the likelihood of having to activate Phase 2 of the Drinking Water Conservation Plan, which prohibits lawns from being watered,” Metro Vancouver said.

Metro Vancouver’s Drinking Water Conservation Plan is a regional policy developed in collaboration with jurisdictions to manage outdoor drinking water use during periods of increased demand.

Jurisdictions enforce lawn watering regulations and impose fines of up to $250 per violation in Stage 1.

Metro Vancouver is a federation of 21 local governments, one constituency and one Indigenous Peoples who work together to plan and deliver community-wide services.

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